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Erik Meijaard


I am a senior conservation scientist and program manager with 25 years of professional experience (not including academic training). Geographically my area of expertise is focused on Indonesia, and to a lesser extent on Malaysia, others parts of SE Asia, and Australia.

I am a capable scientist with a high publication output, especially considering that I have mostly worked in management rather than research positions. I am recognized by my peers as one of the key terrestrial conservation scientists in Indonesia.

The books that I have written have become important reference works for non-governmental organizations as well as academic institutions, and, increasingly, the Indonesian government and private sector. This recognition is extended to the international conservation and research scene.

I am a strategic thinker who focuses on developing the big picture before narrowing down on how management and research can address the associated issues. My strengths lie primarily on the interface between academic research and its application in the field.

I am a prolific writer. Since 1999, I have published two books, approximately 45 papers in international peer reviewed journals, as well as several book chapters, conference papers, and newspaper articles; I am also the chief editor of a monthly newsletter and a regular contributor to TNC’s blog.

I hold a PhD in Biological Anthropology, chair the IUCN Oil Palm Task Force, am Director of Borneo Futures in Brunei Darussalam and hold adjunct professorships at the University of Queensland and the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology at the University of Kent.