ResearchGate: Ahimsa_Campos-Arceiz

Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz

(The University of Nottingham Malaysia; based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


Ahimsa is a tropical conservationist with an inclination towards the human dimensions of conservation. He has over 15 years of experience of conducting conservation work in Asia.

Ahimsa is an expert on the behavior, ecology, and conservation of Asian megafauna, especially elephants. Much of his work has focused on evidence-based strategies to promote human–wildlife coexistence.

Ahimsa is currently based in Peninsular Malaysia, where he leads the work of MEME, a joint project between the University of Nottingham and Malaysian wildlife authorities. MEME’s work involves conducting conservation-relevant research about Malaysian elephants, capacity building, advising the government at Federal, State, and local level, and creating public awareness about the importance of conserving elephants.

Besides Malaysia, Ahimsa has worked in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, China, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Japan. Although he is an ecologist by training, Ahimsa is increasingly leaning towards the social sciences because he believes that understanding and influencing people’s values, attitudes, and behaviors is the biggest challenge for 21st century conservationists.

Ahimsa is also very interested in facilitating the development of local conservation capacity in South-East Asia. Ahimsa is an optimist and he believes that conservationists need to focus on finding solutions to present days problems in order to build the future we want. A future in which wild elephants, tigers, and many other species continue to roam the forests of Southeast Asia.